DataBrew incorporates the concept of processors, each acting as an autonomous component within a pipeline. These processors are tasked with handling individual data frames—such as a row from your database—and executing specific operations on them. The primary objective of utilizing processors is to enable data frame transformation or enrichment directly within DataBrew, eliminating the need for additional coding or logic implementation externally, whether you’re working with DataBrew Cloud or the Open Source version, Blink. Our team is dedicated to continually enhancing our selection of processors. Should you have a particular processor in mind that would benefit your operations, please reach out to us at We are committed to meeting your needs and will make every effort to incorporate the requested processor into our platform.

Processor nameAvailable in Open SourceDetailsStage
Open AI ChatGPTSends your data frame to chat GTP and perform the operation you askReady
SQL FilterFilters, selects only the needed data from your data frameReady
HTTP RequestSends your data to HTTP endpoint so trigger custom actions, like webhooksReady