Quickstart Guide to DataBrew

Discover how to initiate your journey with DataBrew by creating your first Connector and initiating data movement.

We recommend utilizing the DataBrew Playground connector for beginners. It provides a comprehensive introduction and enables you to test DataBrew functionalities before integrating your own data sources.


Create your DataBrew Account

Sign up at DataBrew(https://app.databrew.tech). Complete the registration by entering your details and verifying your email. A guided setup wizard will then navigate you through the initial configuration.


Create source connector

To facilitate data movement, DataBrew employs connectors. Navigate to the main dashboard and select “New Connector” to begin.


Create target connector

Creating a destination connector is as straightforward as setting up a source one. When adding a new connector, simply change the connector type to destination.


Create pipeline

Proceed to the pipelines section by visiting Pipelines at DataBrew. Click on the “New Pipeline” button, select the connectors you previously configured, and save your new pipeline.


Deploy pipeline

Once your pipeline is in place, open its page and select “Deploy pipeline” to commence data streaming.



Congratulations! You’ve successfully established your first pipeline with DataBrew and are now poised to delve into the realm of event-driven architectures.