This document provides a detailed guide on setting up the AirTable source connector for your ETL Cloud project. The AirTable connector facilitates the efficient consumption and integration of data from your AirTable bases into your data pipeline.

AirTable Connector is curretly avaialble as a source connector. It means you will not be able to stream your data to AirTable


Before setting up the AirTable source connector, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Access to your AirTable account.
  • Necessary permissions to read data from your AirTable bases.
  • Tables set with a primary key.

Obtaining AirTable API Key

To connect your AirTable bases with the ETL Cloud project, you need an API key. Follow these steps to obtain your AirTable API key:

  1. Log in to your AirTable account.
  2. Click on your account icon at the top-right corner and select ‘Account’ from the dropdown menu.
  3. Under the ‘API’ section, find the ‘Generate API key’ button and click on it.
  4. Copy the generated API key and store it securely.

Note: Treat your API key like a password. Do not share it publicly or with unauthorized users.

Cloud Setup

This section guides you through setting up the AirTable source connector in the cloud.

Setting up in Cloud

  1. Access DataBrew Cloud Platform: Navigate to your cloud platform
  2. Create a New Source Connector Instance: Follow these steps…
    • Step 1: Choose ‘AirTable’ from the list of available source connectors.
    • Step 2: Provide the necessary connection details, including the API key obtained from AirTable.
    • Step 3: Select the specific AirTable base and table you wish to integrate.
    • (Include screenshots or code snippets if necessary)

Important: Ensure that the tables you select have a designated primary key, as this is crucial for the proper functioning of the connector.