Embracing Open Source at DataBrew

At DataBrew, our passion for the Open Source community is profound, and we are eager to contribute as a member. In line with this commitment, we’re excited to announce the forthcoming public release of DataBrew’s streaming engine.

Blink, the powerhouse behind DataBrew’s streaming capabilities, is developed in Golang. It’s designed to deliver high-speed performance while minimizing resource consumption. This efficiency allows our users to establish extensive data pipelines without incurring substantial infrastructure costs.

Launch Schedule

We are poised to unveil Blink to the public in mid-April 2024. If you’re interested in gaining early access or have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at contact@databrew.tech for further discussion. We’re enthusiastic about sharing our advancements and engaging with the community as we take this significant step towards Open Source contribution.

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